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Week ending Saturday 18th August 2018
    Thursday 16th August Away Day Styrrup Hall       Traveling up the A1 in pouring of rain most members doubted whether any golf would be played, however reaching the local area the rain ceased giving  a clear dry day, good organization by Mr Jenkins.
A fairly flat course ideal for us Seniors but quite long, one hole being over 600 yards long. The most tiring part was the distance between green and the next tee, we had to cross an old railway track quite a few times. One of the outstanding features was the green, green grass something we have not been used to lately. A very enjoyable day.
Tuesday 14th August
Result For Match Against  Toft Away Tuesday 14 th  August A fantastic win away from home again!  That's four on the spin.  Great work by our (oldish) lads!    Overall Result:  Won 4-3
Time   Game   Rutland County   HC   Toft   HC   Half   1   Simon Gauntley   C   13   Peter Henderson   C   20     Ian Dobson   16   Alan Barnes   6   L4 - 2   2   Rod Goss   12   Duncan  Cameron   V C   23     John Bremner   25   Eric King   22   W 1up   3   John Adkins   15   Tony Cushing   23     Reg Parker   17   Paul Shaw   24   W4 - 3   4   John Crossley   19   Mal Nicholls   18     Stewart Picton   19   Stuart Booker   19   W3 - 2   5   Eric Norton   20   A.E.Smith   18     Steve  Markham VC   28   Chris Taylor   25   W4 - 3   6   John Dickie   14   Geoff Tinson   26     Alan Garner   20   Phil Miller   18   L7 - 6   7   Ron Jenkins   18   David Sharp   16     Phil Cuttle   15   Andy Briggs   20   L8 - 7   8   Nigel Coombs   19   John Tummon   20     Rob Elliott   22   Alan  Somerville   18 Date Match  Played   Against   Total  Matches  Played   Total Match Results   Total games   Won   Halved   Lost   For   Against   30 th   July 2018   Belton Woods Home   13   4   2   7       2 nd       Aug 2018   Thorney Lakes Away   14   5   2   7       6 th       Aug  2018    Boston Home   15   6   2   7       14 th   Aug 2018   Toft Away   16   7   2   7   59½   54½
    Tuesday 14th August     Roll-up Individual Stableford A good turn out with the match players taking a well earned rest after a great win at Toft, 30 players taking part. 1st Division                                                           2nd Division 3rd     Roger Overton   35 points 3rd    John Rudin     35 points acb 2nd     Alistair Scott    36 points 2nd    Andrew Counsell  39 points 1st Ray Taylor          37 points 1st     Brian Kirby       40 points Notable Event on the Course John Phipps in the green side bunker on the ninth thinned the ball which came out like an exocet missile with a destination of the 10th or 18th fairway, however it hit the pin nearly breaking it half and then for the ball to drop down into the hole. John with his normal nonchalance stated he had been practicing that shot for a long time.
John Crossley starts the day with a cup of Yorkshire tea.
All fresh and ready to go thirty three players, unfortunately Joe Smith and Alan Garner were not to be seen.
The Results of the Day
Nearest The Pins. 2nd   Keith Barratt                 10th Tony Whiting                            13th   John Phipps
Nearest the Pin in Two    7th Hole           2’s   John Phipps
Ron Jenkins Best Front Nine                                             Best Back Nine Div 2     Ron Snape 16 points                              Div 2    Alan Garner   17 points acb Div 1      John Dickie 16 points   acb                   Div 1     Simon Gauntley   17 points acb Best Net Scores  Div 2 Runner-up   Steve Markhan   31 points              Div 1 Runner-up   John Goff   34 points acb  Div 2 Winner         Graham Purslow  34 points  acb   Div 1  Winner     Stuart Butler 36 points
The Captain Simon thanked all for attending making it a great day and  for the assistance of Steve and a special thanks to Ron Jenkins for organizing the event.
Thursday 16th August at Rutland County
A combination of the away-day and the weather meant that only 7 seniors turned up on Thursday, although the rain stopped by 10:00 and the rest of the day and the course conditions, were fine.  As a result we played an individual stableford rather than a team competition.  John Downey and I shared the meagre spoils with 36 points apiece. John Killin
Graeme Gittings It with sadness that we report the death of an old established member of the Senior Section, Graeme Gittings. Most probably only remembered by the older members of the section. Unbeknown to me Graeme had moved to Hull to be closer to his daughter. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. The funeral will held on 30th August at 1:30 pm at Haltemprice Crematorium, Main Street, Hull HU10 6NS
Ron Yardley We regret that we have to report that Ron passed away last Thursday  16th August. A past captain who helped with the foundation of the Senior Section. Our thoughts are with his wife Bridget and the family at this sad time. The funeral will be held at the Peterborough Crematorium on Friday 31st August at 2:30 pm