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Tuesday 4 th  September 2018 Seniors Open Day The annual Seniors Open competition was held today and attracted an attendance of 78 seniors, of which some 30 or so were our members guests and/or seniors from other Clubs. The event was supported by the excellent facility of the Half Way House, with liquid refreshments and cakes/scones being supplied by Rutland Seniors wives - Julia Kirby, Maureen Jenkins and Maureen Brown. The competition format was an Individual Stableford, although there were a small number of guest/visitors who did not possess a CONGU handicap and, as per rules of this competition, were unable to win any prizes for which a current CONGU handicap is required. Winner – Ray Duncan with 40 points a.c.b.     2 nd  – Roger Overton with 40 points a.c.b.   All players are from Rutland County except where named. 3 rd  – John Bremner with 39 points a.c.b.  4 th  – John Dickie with 39 points a.c.b.  5 th  – Steve Markham with 39 points a.c.b.  6 th  – Paul Robins - Lakeside Lodge          Pidley -with 38 points a.c.b. Best Front 9 – Alan Garner with 21 points Best Back 9 – Bob MacLeod-Smith - Luffenham Heath -  with 23 points a.c.b. 2’s competition: There were six 2’s scored today, although one player achieved 2 of them! Paul Robins (2) Lakeside Lodge Pidley, Dave Bradley - Club Unattached, John Rudin, Terry Loomes and Bob MacLeod-Smith Luffenham Heath. Nearest the Pin: 4 th  – David Wilson 7 th  – Paul Robins Lakeside Lodge Pidley, 13 th  Jerry Jolly, 15 th  - Nigel Duce Kirton Holme 17 th  – Terry Loomes Mystery Prize – awarded to the next best Guest, who didn’t otherwise receive a prize! Trevor Watts  Club Unattached. On behalf of the gathering Rutland Senior Captain, Simon Gauntly, thanked Ron Jenkins and his team, principally Richard Simmons, Maurice Arnold, Steve Markham, Keith Wright and Jerry Jolly, for their magnificent efforts in organising todays very successful event. Simon also thanked the 30 or so seniors from other Clubs who had supported the days competition. The Open Recoders at work Handicap Adjustments Decreases Steve Marham    Previous Handicap  28  New Playing Handicap  27 Increases Maurice Arnold Previous Handicap  28  New Playing Handicap  29 Keith Barratt Previous Handicap  17  New Playing Handicap  18 Arthur Dethick Previous Handicap  21  New Playing Handicap  22 John Phipps Previous Handicap  18  New Playing Handicap  19 John Rudin Previous Handicap  20  New Playing Handicap  21 Thursday 6 th  September 2018 Today’s format is the one which often causes some stress to the players…1-2-3, as it is a little more confusing that the normal 2 from 3. Despite that, the 37 seniors enjoyed their golf on a day which is moving from summer to autumn weather conditions. Winning Team: Graham Purslow and John Crossley had a team member without as yet, a valid handicap, and took on the score of the nominated floater – Alan Weedon. This resulted in Graham and John winning todays competition with a score of 83 points. Best Front 9 – Alan Weedon at 21 points a.c.b. Best Back 9 – Ray Taylor at 23 points Summer Singles Competition Stewart Butler beat John Downey on the 19 th  hole. New Member
Latest News Week Ending Saturday 8th September 2018
Editors Apology It has been brought to the attention of the editor that we omitted an important item of news concerning a member of the Seniors Section who was playing in the Directors Trophy on Saturday 18th August for which we sincerely apologise. The details of the news is reproduced below, we have learnt from this incident and will do all in our power to see that it does not occur again. John Bremner who was playing with Roger Overton and the Club Captain Eric Cooper were playing the 14th hole when after 3 shots John’s ball landed in the greenside bunker. John’s 4th attempt to get out of the bunker was unsuccessful but with grit and determination he proceeded to take a further 18 shots to get out and with a few more putts ended returning a score of 30 shots for that hole, believe it not he did not come last. What aggravated John most was that a few days after the competition he received an invoice from the greenkeepers for the cost of replacing the the sand in the bunker.
Maurice Arnold and Steve Markham                   Jerry Jolly and John Crossley
Monday 3rd September 2018
Result For Match Against Elton Furze Away
Captain’s comment. Although a defeat, we were competitive in all matches and suffered 2 defeats only on the 18th.  We are holding our own in away matches which is great to see.     Overall result – Lost 4½ - 1½
Rutland County
Elton Furze
Simon Gauntley C
Nigel Widdowson C
John Bremner
David Pope
Jerry Jolly
David West
Andrew Barnes
Bill Livingstone VC
Peter King
Harvey Davenport
Eric Norton
Maureen Taylor
Dave Waddell
John Dewis
Stuart Butler
Peter Tattersall
L 2down
Tony Whiting
David Burns
John Adkins
Steve Bullamore
L 1down
Steve Markham VC
Geoff Delany
Rob Elliott
Steve Drury
Date Match  Played   Against   Total  Matches  Played   Total Match Results   Total games   Won   Halved   Lost   For   Against   14 th   Aug 2018   Toft Away   16   7   2   7   59½   54½   22 nd   Aug 2018   Thorpe Wood Home   17   8   2   7   64   56   29 th   Aug 2018   Thorpe Wood Away   18   8   2   8   66½   59½     3 rd     Sep   2018   Elton Furze Away   19   8   2   9   68   64
The Winner Ray Duncan  South Kyme
The gentlemen here is a new member, PETER KELLEHER his wife is LINDA. He joins us from North Luffenham and plays off 17. TEl No:  01572 822200 Email:
Peter enjoy your golf with  Rutland County Seniors